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Gentec Solutions AB is a privately owned company with

it´s headquarter in Sisjö area,  västra Frölunda, Sweden.


We deliver reliable measurement-. control - and leak detection systems for the industry with special focus on the petroleum and chemical industry. We have recently expanded our product range to include leak detection for water, chemicals and oil. We have also expanded into measurement and checking of groundwater and overfillprotection for petrol trucks and depots.


Our unique experience and network all over the world enables us to find the best solution for your company. We do not only deliver products but like to take an active part from the start in your project from system design to commissioning and annual service.


We have helped customers with solutions and products in Sweden as well as in Europe and we believe we are well known and respected in the marketplace.


Should you have a problem or be looking for a product in this field give us a call. It is a good chance we can provide you with a genuine GENTEC SOLUTION.

Company presentation


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