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Petrol Instruments - Factory

The Aprilia (LT) factory on a ground of 5.500 m2, shows a covered surface of 2.000 m2 and an high production capability either as number of PD flowmeters produced either as production line complection.


In the factory, totally dedicated to the construction of PD flowmeters and relevant accessories, are available a series of test stations, equipped with "calibrated tanks" of various capacity, sealed by Italian Metric Office, for the performance tests and the calibration of the PD flowmeters produced.


For the 16" size PD flowmeters, which are the largest produced in Europe, the test station is equipped with a 25.000 litres calibrated tank and a pump with a max flowrate of about 1800 m3/h.


Furthermore we are just testing a "micro-prover" calibrating system for its eventual approval by the Italian Weight and Measure Department in our country.


From the commercial stand-point our company is completing and optimizing the sales network through agents and representative companies, both in Italy and abroad, to promptly furnish all the assistence required by customers


"PETROL" PD flowmeters are typical volumetric instruments which directly measure the quantity of flowing liquid by means of a couple of rotors. These instruments allow an accurate measurement either of the flow rate either of the volumes flown (integrated flow rate) of practically all the liquids industrially utilized. They may be used for custody transfer purposes, operating controls and for the many other needs of the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

"PETROL INSTRUMENTS" is the unique european maker who has developped the Roots principle for the volumetric measurement of liquids. Since its commercial debut this PD flowmeter has contributed to the automation and modernization of the industrial processes for its reliability and its exceptional operating characteristics coupled with a very high manufacturing technique.


"PETROL" PD flowmeters are today available for the measurement of all the liquids industrially used in a range of models so wide, either in the standard version either in the jacketed version, to meet, even contemporarly, operating specifications as severe as:


- max operating pressures till over 150 BAR; 


- max operating temperatures till over 250 °C. 


- flow rate ranges from few hundreds of litres/hour to 1800 m3/h, with equipment sizes from 1 to 16".


Several manufacturing and operating features, hereinafter evidenced, have permitted to "PETROL" PD flowmeters to be considered a practically unreplaceable equipment in many fields of application and have also allowed its use in many different industrial sectors.


  • Double case construction

The measuring unit is removable, as a single subass'y, from the outer housing flanged to the piping and may be maintained as well as functionally rechecked independently from the outer housing.


  • "Floating" type rotors

Rotors never touch each other but are synchronized from the timing gears mounted outside the measuring chamber.


Rotors are not therefore subject to wear and PD flowmeter does not need re-calibration with the time due to wearing.


  • Constant profile cutters for rotors machining

This type of rotors machining permits to realize, between the PD flowmeter "base volume" components, "tolerances" or "clearances" suitable for the accurate measurement either of extremely viscous liquids either of mediums at high operating temperatures.


  • Construction materials

Any type of construction material may be used as aluminum, cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel in the various grades available and plastic materials as "moplen" either for the measuring unit either for the outer housing flanged to the piping, in accordance to specific needs.


  • Magnetic transmission

With this type of movement transmission, used in the majority of equipment produced, the sealing between the wetted parts and the dry parts of PD flowmeter is of static type which fully guarantees against any leakage of the flowing liquid.


  • Excellent accuracy

±0,2% of reading for custody transfer purposes, ±0,5% of reading for general purposes, anyway in accordance with the specific approvals issued by Italian Ministery of Industry and Commerce for their use in Italy and in the European Common Market Countries.


  • Long life and very reduced maintenance

Rotors never touch each other and therefore are not subject to wear. More over double case construction allows to maintain the measuring unit without removing the entire PD flowmeter from the line.


  • Wide range of ancillary equipment 

Electronic or pneumatic pulse transmitters and frequency to current converters are available for remote totalization, recording and presetting of metered volumes. Local or remote preset counters, both with one or two stages closure cycles, togheter with automatic temperature compensators, mechanic or electronic type, complete the range of PD flowmeter ancillary equipment. All the range of protective devices such as strainers, deaerators, max flow limiting and one or two stages closures valves are also available.

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