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About Houdek

The company established in 1994 and has been operating on the Czech market since. It deals with survey, construction and commercial activities.


Within past the 12 year the company main part of engineering survey has been pointing towards tank calibration by laser method. That means to determine geometric shape of tanks for oil and other substances and to elaborate calibration tables for them.


Since the beginning of 2006 our company has enlarge on a survey centre, that offers complete geodetic activities for all phases of building objects, supply network and land measurements.

Houdek - Tank Calibrations

A unique device of Leica Company used in connection with THE TANK-MODEL 2.2. software is used for the calibration method, tank verification. THE TANK-MODEL 2.2 is a program, which on the basis of points, measured on the walls of the tank, creates three-dimensional model of the tank. This exceeds the methods (photogrametric, geodetic and volume methods) used to date not only in universality of usage for reservoirs of whatever volume, but especially in the speed and accuracy of tank specification.


In 1994 was co. Houdek Ltd authorized as the Authorized Metrological Centre for calibration and checking of Stationary Tanks for petroleum and other products. A system of quality management according to CSN EN ISO/17025 was introduced in 2003.



  • Measuring without liquid 

  • Little demands on tank preparing before calibration 

  • Short period for measurement and PC processing 

  • High measurement accuracy 

  • Well-arranged calibration tables 

  • Usage of any level indicator 

  • Installation of level indicator's scale 

  • Low price

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